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Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Singapore River View

More views along the Singapore River. We were on a cruise boat. ;-)

Taking a river cruise does give you a different perspective.
The buildings behind look so imposing!


MumbaiiteAnu said...

Oh, I love your shot. Again reminds me of my trip there. I have my hubby's photo at the same place. Can you show the river in the evening, after sunset?

Just like Mumbaiites like to go to Mahabaleshwar (nearest hill-station), if I were to go abrroad, I'd love to visit Singapore again and again.

Today is ABC Wednesday and my 'L' for LAUGHTER is posted here. Drop by if you can.

Anonymous said...

Yes it does looks very nice from the boat...

Kate said...

The buildings in the background are indeed very imposing. The river cruise in San Antonio, Texas is a delight and a wondeful memory, and this looks similar in mood, if not in architecture.