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Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Along the Singapore River..

More views along the Singapore River.

"Three layers" that you can see here.
Layer 1 - Al fresco dining along the river bank.
Layer 2 - Shop houses from the early days, still preserved.
Layer 3 - Modern skyscrapers behind, soaring to the sky.


Wayne said...

A nicely composed shot.

Bill said...

Love the shot!

I have just moved to the Baltimore Maryland area, and see this sort of thing as well. A number of the old waterfront areas are being renovated, and it makes for interesting contract.

Mockingbird said...

Best time to shoot this is around 7pm :)

Me said...

I love the building in the background that looks like a chunk was taken out to be someone's personal garden area. Nice! I hope you enjoyed your tour. :)