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Monday, February 16, 2009

Hazy Days back in Singapore

Taken at 7:28 AM this morning. A view of Bukit Timah.
The haze seems to be back since last week. It has been very bad these few days.

The Hazy days are back in Singapore

A local news websites quotes National Environment Agency (NEA) saying the cause of it is light wind conditions and also bush fire burning in Singapore.

But many people doubt so. Quoting my colleague:"Where can we find enough bushes in Singapore to burn that can cause this?"


Anonymous said...

I also say... Singapore got so much bushes meh?

Kate said...

Interesting quote from your colleague. Pollution is a scourge of our modern societies.

Anonymous said...

Our GIC and Temasek investments going up in smoke. That's what causing the haze. Or is it the smoke generated by Parliament?

• Eliane • said...

It does make for an atmospheric picture. Pretty.

Unknown said...

Actually the fire was from Bukit Batok forest area (which is in front of our estate) which combines with hot weather & dry bush leaves created this fire. My pictures (lifestyle1881) can be seen here at