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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Catch Spouse Cheating

Saw this advertisement on the walls of Peninsula Plaza. It's an advertisement by a Private Investigator company.

What caught my eye is the URL. (Website Address).

Catch Spouse Cheating

It says Catch Spouse Cheating! LOL
Is that the main business of private investigators I wonder....


Anonymous said...

go check their website. It looks like a pic of President Nathan is on there :p

Jazzy said...

what a job, these adds make an interesting photo Keropok.

Taoism said...

Just wait. Think it was Google who announced a service where they can track your love ones via Mobile phone. Think Singtel has something like that also. They are marketing it for keeping track of children but think they would do better if they market it for unfaithful spouses.

J.C. said...

What a hillarious url!! Most likely this is the main task for PIs these days!!!