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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

School of Young Talents

Colleagues and I passed by this place, and someone asked: "Why is there a school for Young Talents but none for old talents?"

School of Young Talents

Old people are no longer talented?
Or only old people ask such questions? ;-p

This is one of the building of the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts. They do have very talented students there.

We know of a friend who plays the piano so beautifully. He studied here. He's now on a scholarship to pursue his studies at the Royal College of Music in London.


Barry Newman said...

We old buggers don't want to go back to school.

Anonymous said...

It's enlightening to see that the arts scene in singapore is improving. We were so wayback 5 years ago. Right now, there just seems to be a huge number of singapore tourist attractions. Both the locals and tourists are all benefiting