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Monday, February 23, 2009

Read books everyday....

I thought this was rather interesting and eye catching.

An advert by a bookstore called Page One.


Eat 3 meals a day, read 3 books a day. LOL...

Shh... guess where's my favourite place to read? While sitting on the throne doing business. LOL.. Really! It seems it runs in the family.


Jazzy said...

love reading, my favourite hobby, my favourite thing in the whole world.
i always read at least 3 books at the time, at the moment it's 7.
have a good week.

chillycraps said...

I can't finish 1 book in 3 days, how to finish 3 books in 1 day?

Kris McCracken said...

I read at least six or seven books a day.

Mind you, they're all picture books with my kids, but that is besides the point!

It takes me at least a week to finish a novel.

Unknown said...

exactly, that's my favourite place to read too!!
i normally finish one book per week.