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Monday, July 26, 2010

Hokkien String Puppet Show

I was around the Merlion Park and saw a group of people all congregating looking or admiring  something.
I was curious and walk towards it. Oh, they are having a Hokkien String Puppet Show.

Although Hokkien is my dialect, I only manage to catch half of what they were singing. 
Oh man, I need tuition for Hokkien lessons!

Olden Times Hokkien String Puppet Show

This is a dying art. You seldom see these anymore.
Look behind and you see this lady is manipulating the puppets and singing the story out at the same time!

Olden Times Hokkien String Puppet Show

Do you enjoy these 'shows'? Are you able to understand them?
Maybe we need 'subtitles'. hehe...

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