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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

SMRT Bus with the Singapore Flag Design

Spotted this bus when I looked out the window this morning.
Isn't this the bus that was featured on the TV news about "Fly Our Flag" yesterday?

SMRT Bus with the Singapore Flag Design

These bendy buses is the perfect choice for the flag wrap eh?
It is long enough to make it look so nice.


Roberto Machado Alves said...

It's so long and nice. Great shot in the morning.


chillycraps said...

hmm, so if an army personnel in uniform sees this bus, does he have to salute? :P

Anonymous said...

wow...beautiful sight that greeted you in the morning :-)

dory said...

hee.. mr keropokman.. u r v observant..

Unknown said...

yes it is long!

LOL. Does he need to?

Yes, so long and bright!


lizziviggi said...

That vibrant bus is VERY long-- I wonder if it fills to capacity, or is half empty most of the time? Nice shot!

Unknown said...

This bus runs route 61, in the mornings during peak hour, it's packed like sardines. Until it reaches the main schools.