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Friday, July 23, 2010

Pretty Yellow Bird

My aunt became a part time 'nurse' last week or so. She was nursing this bird that was found very weak nearby. It's leg seems to hurt as it can't stand or walk. The wings also seems to be hurt.

My aunt used 'human' treatment to treat the bird's legs and wings. When she told us, we all laughed, but it did make sense.

Pretty Yellow Bird

She left the bird on her patio and fed and cared for it for 3 days. The bird seems happy living there. It was a lazy bird. It just perched near the pots.

Pretty Yellow Bird

On the day I went to visit it, the bird seems to be all right.  We knew this bird is ready to say bye bye. So we decided to take some photos before we said good bye. This bird is vain! When we took out our cameras, the bird started to stand and pose!

The bird also started to chirp and we heard other birds nearby chirping back! They seem to be communicating. They took turns to chirp! (I actually recorded the bird's chirp on my phone!)

We think the other bird gave instructions to this pretty yellow bird how to leave! The bird then  perched at the window and looked down. Then it jumped off! My cousin screamed when we saw the bird started dropping directly down from the 9th floor.

When it fell for around 3 floors, the bird finally decide to spread its wings! It then flew so gracefully and started to lift off and flew to the huge tree around 100 metres away. Phew!

Good bye yellow bird!

Anyone know what species this bird is?


chillycraps said...

nice shot!! it is a rare sight to see such pretty bird inside a house (but not inside a cage)

Unknown said...

The bird bid farewell after 3 days!
It's good to know it is well enough to fly home.

bookjunkie said...

What a beautiful bird!! :) loved your shots

Hans Guijt said...

I visited Singapore last month, and made a photo of this same bird in the Jurong Bird Park. It's called a Common Iora (

My photo is here:


Unknown said...

Thanks Hans!