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Thursday, July 01, 2010

Reflections - 1 July 2010

How time flies. It's already 1 July 2010!
It's the start of the 2nd half of the year, the 3rd quarter of the year.

It's also Theme Day for City Daily Photo bloggers.
The theme for July is Reflections.

Just a quick picture that I just took, one that irritates me sometimes. Reflections from the screen of the gadgets that you have. It's irritating if you see the light in the room being reflected on your say iPad or iPhone.

(This is triple reflection. The iPad's screen is reflecting my whiteboard on the wall, and the whiteboard is reflecting the fluorescent light in my office!)

Reflection on the iPad

Our eyes are amazing eh? It's like the lens of the camera. You can choose to focus on the things you want. You can focus on the foreground or the background.

If you focus on the background or the reflections, what can you see? :-)

Reflection on the iPad

Have a great start to the second part of the year.

Oh yes, 1 July is also the day I change my toothbrush!
Do you change your toothbrush every quarter? :-)

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chillycraps said...

i see beansprout on the white board :P

Zannnie said...

wah, triple reflections ah?:)

change toothbrush, of course, change toothbrush:))))

Kim said...

First, you lucky! Thanks you for showing us your iPad. I've yet to go see one in person (best for me as I can't afford to really want one at present :-) ).
Second, thanks for giving me a reminder of something I used to do as a very young child, along with watching dust motes in sunbeams and seeing the "floaters" in my own eyes coast across my vision. I used to sit in class and focus and unfocus my eyes on things and wonder how this was possible. You brought to light that I do this with the camera all the time as an adult, and I guess that means that I'm still fascinated by the same thing I was as a very young child.
Super take on our theme day KPman!'