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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Green Building....

Saw this literally 'green building'.
It's in the CBD and I won't be able to afford this.

Green Building

It's interesting how buildings are getting 'green' nowadays.

I wonder what other green stuff they have inside. Sometimes it might be difficult for people here who are used to certain way things should be to become green.

Eg: I was in Hong Kong airport recently and realised they used rain water for flushing the toilet. The water is not crystal clear like how we are used to here in Singapore. When I went into the toilet, I thought the person before me had not flush! Then when I flushed, I realise the water is not clean, and wanted to flush again. It was then I realised it was rain water!

Would locals here (or you) accept slightly murky water for flushing? If they are going to process it crystal clean, what's the point, that would be counter productive, it will take more energy to clean it up.

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