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Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Spiral Staircases

Are you fascinated by these spiral staircases? I am!

It can be found in older / olden buildings in Singapore.
Looking at the this photo, you can see they use the small square tiles.

Spiral Staircase

The older HDB flats like the conservation flats in Tiong Bahru have these spiral staircases as well. They are emergency exits and usually located at the back of the house, where the kitchen is.

I wonder why after certain years, they don't have the 2nd door or emergency exits for HDBs in Singapore? 


Kate said...

Yes, they are an architectural fascination, and this one is quite beautiful.

Lucas Kain said...

Quite nice! When have they been built? Just curious to know the period! Thanks!

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Cassy said...

Nice stairs and its color.

Cassy from Classical Guitar Lessons