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Thursday, August 04, 2011

Fire Hydrant | Wanna be a fire man?

I came across this fire hydrant recently. I have not seen this before.

Fire hydrants should come under the care of the Civil Defence. But the white box has a Public Utilities Board sticker on it. I am guessing they are testing the water quality? But it's weird to test water quality of water meant for fire rescue. Is it testing the pressure of the water supply?

fire hydrant

Recently, my colleagues and I have all been volunteered as fire wardens at our workplace. We have no idea why, but it seems the duties are rotated. We were all sent off to attend a fire safety course. After the course, our views of being a fire warden changed! We did not know it was so important!

We were taught by this former fire man and we were so amazed. So inspiring! It was a very educational course! Ladies, fire man or former fire man are super fit people! Tall, dark and some are handsome too! They also have bulging muscles! LOL

Some of us were quite into it and found out that the public in Singapore can be fireman as well!

We found out from this website: that there is a Civil Defence Auxiliary Unit that you can volunteer  your service with the Singapore Civil Defence Force! You will even be wearing the same SCDF uniforms and have the same status and power of SCDF regulars. If your childhood dream was to be a fireman, you can realise it now! (Yet still keeping your current job!)

I saw that some of the requirements are interesting. Your BMI must be 27 and below and if you are short sighted, your degress cannot be above 500 degrees. There's height and weigh requirements too, no wonder they are tall.

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