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Friday, August 26, 2011

Just landed.....

Just landed back in Changi Airport this evening.

While I wait to disembark the plane, I thought:

Changi Airport

If you have lived in Australia or have seen Qantas' advert, they sometimes use the "I still call Australia home" song and though I am not Australian, I feel very attached to it. (Probably because I lived there a few years)

Maybe Singapore Airlines when the plane lands in Changi Airport, should play a instrumental version of the song by Kit Chan, "Home". It will make passengers that call Singapore "Home" very welcomed and warm hearted!

If you play the song with the lyrics, some might cringe when they hear it and say 'propaganda' again. LOL! Gentle, soft instrumental version of it will be good while people are anxious to grab their overhead luggage and standing impatiently to get off the plane.

What do you think?

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