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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Flyer, Supertrees and the Flower Dome

Too bad it was a gloomy day, it was raining and I was out.

We were crossing the DragonFly Bridge that links Gardens by the Bay to Marina Bay Sands and saw this. The Singapore Flyer, 3 of the many Supertrees and the Flower Dome.

Flyer, Supertrees, Flower Dome

Probably the most interesting place that I saw over the weekend was the Flower Dome.
My brother told me that the Flower Dome and the one next to it have the world's longest span single length braces.

I think there should be some National Geographic or Discovery Channel show about how it was built probably? Can't wait to watch it if there is one.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Keropokman,

Yes, there apparently will be a National Geographic Channel show on it, titled "Megastructures: Gardens By The Bay".

Will like to send you some preliminary information and a sneak preview on it :) Mind sharing your email with me so that I can send it directly to your mail please?

Please contact me at