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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Airport from the runway...

Changi Airport as viewed from inside a plane from the runway.
Can you guess the plane I am on by the colour of the tip of the wing?

Changi Airport

I realise that in many airports that I have landed, the aerobridges are always plastered with adverts from HSBC. Is that the case with the airport in your city?

What's the thing that you do when the plane lands?
Do you turn on your mobile phone to search for signals?  ;-P


take said...


Keropok Man said...


it was Air Asia ;-)
Qantas is also red ya.

gölge said...

SELAM ber TÜRKİYE deyim SİNGAPURU çok seviyorum gelmeyi çok isterim inaşallah gelmek nasip olur.

Keropok Man said...


Yes, welcome to Singapore. Hope you trip will be soon! ;-)