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Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Witnessing Venus Transit at NUS

Earlier today, many people were around the NUS Multipurpose Field all excited to see Venus!
Yup, the planet Venus!

Colleagues and I also joined to welcome Venus at the NUS fields.
NUS had a series of event and you can read about it here or here.

veNUS Transit
You can get better photos on the internet, but this was what I got to see when I viewed through the many telescopes that was around the field. I managed to take a photo of it using my iPhone via the telescope's eye piece!

The little black dot, that's Venus!

veNUS Transit
I am not sure who this person is, but he is very knowledgeable and was sharing what he knows to people around.

VenuveNUS TransitsTransit2
One of the many queues on the field on a bright warm day.
This was the biggest telescope around and it also had the longest queue!

veNUS Transit
This telescope was connected to a laptop.
This person was looking at this laptop under his jacket so that it can be dark enough.

Venus Transit
The crowds!

Were you there too?
Did you watch it in the country you were in?

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