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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The National Art Gallery, Singapore

Akan Datang...
That's "Coming Soon" the local Malay language.

"City Hall" and the old "Supreme Court" is being renovated and will host the National Art Gallery, Singapore in 2015.

National Art Gallery Of Singapore

It's said that most people only visit Art Galleries or Museums that are not in their country.
Is it true?

Haiku for the day:

visual arts galore
national art gallery
feast our eyes oh yes!


J.C. said...

I visit museums when I am abroad. It's a good place to start learning about the various aspects of the country.

Furthermore, the exhibits in our local museums do not change regularly. However, I will visit our local museums whenever there are interesting exhibits. Currently there' a good one on Coffin in one of the Melaka museums. I am looking forward to visit that.

Mo said...

Not here. Locals go to many galleries. Perhaps more of the lesser known ones.

Unknown said...


Oh.. how interesting! Coffins.
I think I have visited more museums overseas than in Singapore ;-p


Ah... UK has more people interested in the Arts than in Singapore. More people are slowly getting interested in them ;-)