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Monday, July 02, 2012

LEDs Street Lights for NUS

Saw this a few days ago at NUS. Contractors replacing the street lights. OK, I am weird because I like to look at street lamps!

I have seen some street lights at the car park near my home using LEDs. I noticed that the street lights inside NUS are being replaced from the High Pressure Sodium bulbs to Light-Emitting Diode (LEDs). These looks more high tech and the casing nicer than the ones near home.

LED Street Lamps

I don't have bionic eyes, but I think these are the Philips LED lights.
I think there are 'lower hanging' ones near the NUS Engineering canteen. Maybe I should take a closer look at those to see how many lumens they are.

LED Street Lamps

The NUS campus is quite well lit at night, so probably these changes will save them quite a bit of money. These gizmag and Forbes articles show that that savings is between 85-88%.

I have not seen how bright these lights are at night though.

Wonder if the rest of the street lights in Singapore will be converted soon. Many HDBs in Singapore have switch to LEDs for the corridor lighting.

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