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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

MRT Station in the Jungle (yes, those with trees)

No, Singapore is not all concrete jungle. There are real green trees, and there is even a MRT station (Dover) built right in the middle of the jungle! Yes, you can go take a train, get off and you are right in the rain forest. haha...

It's hazy these few days, so the pictures are not as clear and crisp that it is suppose to be. Wait for the haze season to be over, and I shall retake the picture.

You can read more about the Singapore Train System at and


edwin s said...

hello keropok!

thanks for coming to The Second Link and thanks for the comment on KLDP. How one earth did you finid me? ;)

Unknown said...

Hi Edwin,

The Second Link was an interesting collaboration in theatre between both Malaysian and Singapore theatre actors.

My sis and I, we were wondering who is who, we wanted to match the names to the faces. So we did an online search, and found KLDP :-)

Hi Brennan,

You must know the place well. haha.. That area might have the most concrete and glass mixture in that area.

But the photo does not shows it right?

Details: said...

When I was studying in SP, the station was still in the planning stage ... now it is really easy to get to SP for the students.

Unknown said...

Paddy, not only for SP students, the student is useful for residents nearby too :-)

Yours truly prefer to alight at this station rather than the next which is technically nearer.