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Monday, August 28, 2006

Singapore's Youngest Busker - Ethan Ong

Locals who stroll along Orchard Road during the weekends will see Ethan performing. Did you know he is Singapore's youngest busker?

Visitors from overseas, if you are in Singapore, and want to see him, he is usually busking in front of Paragon Shopping Centre.

If you are interested, Ethan has his own website too:


squarehero said...

I've seen him. He needs a guitarist. Then they can play rock music. I wasn't that impressed though because I don't think he was playing anything cool.

Unknown said...

Hey Adrian...

I tot the same too, until I remembered he is only 7 years old. At that age, I think I was only learning my Jim Thompson Piano Book. :-)

You know what... the Orchard MRT / Tangs underpass busker person can sing. The busker over in front of Robinsons at Centrepoint can play the guitar well, and he usually plays rock/ballads, just nice to complement Ethan.

Maybe the 3 of them can form a band.

edwin s said...

As much as i like this post, the thought that he's a 7 year old busker disturbs me. Is it school holidays or something? I had friends in college that used to busk and they were great!