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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Drink Dry The Milo Truck

Today, 22 Aug at the National University of Singapore's Forum, the Student Union is having the NUS Breakers. They are going to set 3 records:
1. Drink Dry The Milo Truck.
2. Fold 10,000 cranes in ONE hour.
3. World's fastest Crane Folder.

All 3 will go into the Singapore Book of Records. The cranes are folded for charity. Well, here's plus, if you want to learn how to fold a crane, click here.

More updates another time...

Milo Truck
The Milo Truck is an obsession with many students both Singapore and Malaysia. Nestle since I was young, has been sending Milo trucks to school to provide complimentary milo for all. So, whenever we see a milo truck, everyone's delighted. Their milo is always served icy cold and super tasty. One observation though, the milo cups provided seems to have shrunk! Look at the picture above. That's the size of the cups. It used to be 1/3 more haha...


uzyn said...

Any news on whether did we manage to break the records?

Unknown said...


Singapore Book of Records

Record 1:

620 NUS staff and students finish 350 litres of Milo straight from the truck in 29 minutes and 59 seconds.

Record 2:

545 nimble-fingered staff and students folded 9,300 cranes in 1 hour.

John said...

How did they go? I'm sure they would be up all night after the milo!

John said...

Sorry.. just saw the results.. superb! How much vommiting?

Unknown said...

haha.. not sure how they did after all the milo. Too bad I was not there, I left coz lunch time was over for me..