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Friday, August 25, 2006

Tower of Babel rises from the Jungles of Singapore

Continue with the theme of Concrete Jungle emerging between the Green Jungle.

The Birds (species name: cranes) perching above the Concrete Jungle, the Tower of Babel rises amongst the Green Jungles of Singapore. Can anyone guess where this place is?

Why call it Tower of Babel? Heard that its the Communications Tower or IT Centre or something... So thats why...


edwin s said...

You know, this could be a shot from any asian country. developement everywhere. I'm so glad that in S'pore at least, there's some proper planning when it comes to erecting tall structures. have you seen the roads in KL lately? ;)

Unknown said...

Not been to KL lately. But the roads in Cyberjaya and Putrajaya are so nicely done!

Last few weeks, realised that all the roads in Singapore that delegates at the World Bank meeting will pass thru has all been so nicely resurfaced! Even new plants are planted along all the roads. Everything looks so nice!