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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

$1 Ice Cream on Orchard Road

Another permanent display at Orchard Road is the ice-cream carts that you now see along most road junctions along Orchard Road. They sell ice cream for only $1. They are usually sold by 'uncles' or 'aunties'. Most of them are uncles, but you do get see some aunties vendors.

The ice cream comes in variety of flavours. Choc Chips, Vanilla, and unique flavours like Durian, Lychee etc. It all depends on where the vendors get their stocks from. Usually it is Walls, Magnolia or Kings.

When you order, the uncle will take out a block of ice cream from his container that's filled with dry ice. He will then slice out ice cream the size about a bar of soap. Then he asks you, wafer, bread or cup.

The ice cream bar will then be sandwich between 2 pieces of wafers if you request for wafer. If you request bread, the bread will wrap around the ice cream bar. Their bread are usually colourful bread, with pink and green streaks. haha.. Cups will be your choice if you prefer not to get messy and use a spoon to eat.

WAIT, you say... (from overseas readers of this blog) Ice cream with bread? Yes. Try it at home. Get a slice of bread and wrap around your favourite ice cream. They taste rather good.

So, visitors to Singapore, pop by these uncles and aunties for a cheap $1 treat when you are visiting. It's hot and humid in Singapore, and their ice cream provides a quick refreshing perk.

Question: What if I am a snob, and I dont eat cheap ice cream.
Answer: There's a Haagan Dazs kiosk along Orchard Road :-)


kaa said...

good ol orchard road. the crowd.. the ice-cream.. all nicely captured.

Unknown said...

Hi Jane,

Yes, it's front of Paragon!

Hi Kaa,

The crowd in this picture is not that much compared to the ones during the great singapore sale. madness!