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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Angela Hewitt Plays Bach

Last night I attended a performance by Angela Hewitt. Angela is hailed as "the pre-eminent Bach pianist of our time" by The Guardian.

It was enjoyable as she played all the Prelude & Fugue No.1 to No.24, all going up a semitone from C major to B minor. Yes, she played it full of expression and from memory! (I remember struggling to play long ago, yet she played it superbly from memory!)

No photography in the concert hall. So this is the program booklet and my J.S. Bach Prelude & Fugue scores I had to play for my ABRSM more than 15 years ago.

The concert is in two parts. Book I yesterday and Book II tomorrow night (Apr 27). If you are in Singapore, you can still buy the tickets if they are not sold out.

Were you one of those kids who was 'forced' to go for classical music lessons (and hated it) when you were young, and eventually appreciated your parents effort when you grow up? ;-)


• Eliane • said...

Yes, I am one of those kids who grew up with classical music. That was the only music on the radio until I was old enough to buy my own radio. We all studied music. My brother even made it his profession!

isa said...

Glad you enjoyed the concert!

Yes I studied piano, but gave up on it too soon...Too impatient for practicing!

Unknown said...

Nice! I wish I was there. And I wish we had had enough money for music lessons like piano but we didn't. My dad did offer to teach me the mandolin but he was not a patient man at the time so that didn't last. :)

Unknown said...

yes i'm one of those kids who dreaded going for piano lessons when young.. but I appreciated my parents effort to send me for music lessons coz now when i'm stress, i can go and play the tunes that suit my mood. :P

MJ said...

Keropok..your book brought back lotsa childhood memories.. I was also one of those kids who struggled with classical music..

Ming the Merciless said...

I played the piano from aged 10-18. I had to practice at least an hour a day at the beginning and it progressed to 2 hours per day.

After I left home for college, I refused to pay it ever since.