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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Horse No. 2 - The Winning Horse

AliceSg photographed the horses in front of Plaza Singapura. I happen to take the same photo too! I took it during the day.

These horses are part of the Singapore International Racing Festival activities. They are displayed around Singapore.

This is called Horse No. 2 - The Winning Horse.

I shall bring you more horses the next few days.
You can see a pdf document about these horses at this link from the TurfClub Website.

I have not been to the Turf Club. I have only been to 'a Turf Club' in Caulfield, Melbourne, Australia. I was not to watch races, but for the university exams! Many universities in Australia use the Turf Clubs as exam venues. Have you been a turf club? What did you do there?


alicesg said...

Your day photo of the horse looked better than my night photo. :)

The horse really looked the same size as a real horse.

marley said...

What a cool idea for a series of art installations. Looking forward to seeing more.

Olivier said...

j'aime bien cette statue du cheval, avant on avait un hippodrome à Évry, mais il est fermé depuis longtemps, dommage j'aimais bien regarder les courses

I like this statue of the horse, before we had a racecourse in Evry, but it is closed for a long time, I liked watching harm races

Anonymous said...

Good Job! :)