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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Parking at a No Parking Lot

Saw this earlier tonight at a parking lot at Sunset Way.

Do you think the driver parked there because he/she did not see the "No Parking" sign?

Or he or she gets the kick out of parking in a lot that has "No Parking" on it. Maybe I fell into his/her trap. I took a photo of it and that might be what they are hoping for! LOL.

Does this happen frequently in your city too?

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J.C. said...

In most carparks here, your car will be clamped if you simply park in non-parking zone. You will have to pay a compound of RM50 (at least) to get your car released. It's too expensive a lesson for me so I will not simply park my car. This is actually a good method to deter such offence from happening.