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Thursday, April 17, 2008

rednano adverts

A new online search facility has been launched in Singapore. It's a joint venture between a publisher of the biggest local newspaper and a Norwegian firm.

It's called Red Nano. Why? I guess Singapore's also known as a red dot. Now the dot's getting smaller with them naming it nano.

RedNano's are very aggressive in their advertising. Their ads have been appearing in the local papers. Earlier today, I saw this on the underground trains stations.

Which is your favourite search engine?


DwD said...

google, most definitely! but i'm glad singapore has its own search engine, making it easier when you want to find specific things only found in singapore

Kris McCracken said...

Google is the one that I always head to these days, but I held on to Altavista for a long time. Metacrawler is a good one too.

Unknown said...

dwd, kris,
i usually use google too. but like today if they keep asking for some captcha thingy, i switch to others like yahoo.

wonder why it keeps prompting!

Anonymous said...

Google is one of my favorites. It is hard for others to get into the fields they are in.