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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

ERP Charges display...

People are complaining about paying more for ERP with the addition of more gantries recently.

Did you notice that the ERP gantries seems to have changed recently too.

Here is how it looked previously (opens up a new screen/tab)
The gantry just tells you if it is in operation.

The pricing is on a separate board as shown here. (opens up a new screen/tab)
To know the charges, you read it from a separate board.

To make things easier, they have merged the two, and this is the new ERP gantry. I think this was started on 7 July.

You will also noticed the charges ends at 7:55 pm for this one. The charges changes from 7:55 pm. From 7:55 PM to 8:00 PM, the charges changes to 50 cents. Looks like a 50 cents discount is introduced in the last 5 minutes.


Mockingbird said...

ERP - Everyday

benludin said...

who rob people?


Mockingbird said...

To BenHarperBenLudin: Who else but the gahmen.

benludin said...

haha..gud answer...