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Friday, July 04, 2008

"Guarded" vending machine

I was laughing at this vending machine when i saw it. First it was grilled up like anyone would have the strength to carry it away. Then i saw the top, it has a shelter over it!

This vending machine as spotted at a park in the west. Does your city have vending machines in the park?


Anonymous said...

I think the grill is more to protect it from abuse and the shelter to prevent rain from seeping into the machine.

Just my 2 cents

Sally said...

Don't think I've seen vending machines in parks here.

I said a mental Hello to you as we transitted Singapore the other night. 2,5 hours at Changi - not exactly a long time! Enough to have a refreshing shower, though.

marley said...

At first I thought it was to stop the glass being smashed and the drinks stolen but then I see you could still get your hand through! It seems a strange design.

We don't have machines like this but we do have little cafes in our main park.

Mockingbird said...

Maybe the grilles prevent the monkeys from stealing the drinks? :p

utari said...

the machine look likes shelter..LOL