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Saturday, December 06, 2008

Same church with two locations.

Today a whole group of us attended our friend's wedding. Congratulations B and L!
You all made a great couple.

The wedding was at Telok Ayer Chinese Methodist Church. (TA2) at Wishart Road (Off Telok Belangah Road).

We had a good laugh when a few people sms some in our group. "Is the wedding today? How come the church is closed?" Did they decide to cancel the wedding?

Of course not!

They have gone to the wrong location. This church has two Sanctuaries. One at Telok Ayer Street and the other off Telok Belangah Road. They all rushed over quickly and got to catch the bride enter the Sanctuary ;-)


marley said...

Ooops! that was a mistake and a half! At least the groom got the right church :)

alicesg said...

OMG, I would not want to be in such a mistake. Hey, I attended a wedding too.