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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Wifi on bus stop?

Saw this at a bus stop today in NUS.
That's a Cisco (formerly Linksys) wireless router right?

Why is it fix at the bus stop? There's even a big chain too.


ann thomas :: said...

WAH... why so special. and it looks quite dumb there. hahaha

Anonymous said...

Did you check to see if there was any SSID attached to it?

DK said...

Wow... Cool. Which bus stop is this?

Unknown said...

little red bus,
ok, it looks silly. LOL.

No, I was just passing by and left when the bus I was going to take came.

At the bus stop in front of Computer Centre in NUS.

NUS student said...

they are trying out a new system that will track the location (hence the arrival time) of NUS internal shuttle buses using the existing wireless network in NUS. A very brilliant idea. Not silly at all!

Unknown said...

NUS student,

The accuracy is very doubtful. Most of the time it says >15 mins.

Most probably, most buses are not fitted with the device or bus drivers turn off the device in their buses. :-)

But it's a good experiment though.