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Monday, April 13, 2009

Bedok Lighthouse

Can you imagine the apartment that you stay in has a lighthouse right on the top?

Bedok Lighthouse

Well, residents in this block can claim to have it. It's the Bedok Lighthouse and it's the only lighthouse on mainland Singapore it seems.

Interesting isn't it?


marley said...

How unusual. Is it near the coast?

Anonymous said...

I am almost sure it is in Laguna Park, having lived near there around 1982. Now living in UK so not visited the area for many years.

noelbynature said...

yes, that's Laguna Park at the end of Marine Parade Road, just bordering Bedok

Keropok Man said...

Yes it is. Really near. ;-)

Yes noelbynature is absolutely right ;-)

Anonymous said...

It's located in Lagoon View Block5000L! I live in the next block (Block 5000M). I still have childhood memories of watching the light flash every 5min from my balcony window. It is a pretty unusual location for a lighthouse!

Keropok Man said...

Hi Anon

Would it be very bright? ;-)

Anonymous said...

It is the .... BEDOK NDB.

To help people like me (ie: pilots) to land their planes in WSSS (ie: Changi Airpot) or en route to Indonesia & beyond

Keropok Man said...

Ah... so it's being used by pilots!

Anonymous said...

I had thought it was a guiding light or signals for pilots, however upon searching, it's a lighthouse used long before land reclamation happened. Look it up the Internet and there are more details. :)
Interesting find nevertheless.