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Monday, April 20, 2009

Singa the Courtesy Lion

People in Singapore will recognize this 'lion'. It's Singa the Courtesy Lion! The mascot of the National Courtesy Campaign. The lion has been around since 1982.

This lion in the photo is a new installation. It makes me wonder...
They brought out the lion again, the courtesy index must have gone way way downhill again!

Test 1: Did you let people out of the train before you rushed in today?
Test 2: Did you hold the door for someone today?
Test 3: Did you give up your seat for someone in the train or bus today?
Test 4: Did you curse at the driver who overtook you on the roads today?

Singa the Courtesy Lion

Wikipedia has a write up about the National Courtesy Campaign.


Taoism said...

I am sure the guy in the background did not do all of those things.

marley said...

Courtesy Campaign - good idea. We could do with one here!

Unknown said...

He was trimming the trees and was most probably tired. But he was smiling though. LOL

We should have more of it here too!