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Thursday, April 16, 2009

JP Morgan Corporate Challenge

Momo was at the J.P. Morgan Corporate Challenge and these are the photos she took today.

The starting...

J.P. Morgan Corporate Challenge - The start

The ending...

J.P. Morgan Corporate Challenge - The end

Were you one of those who had your first run? The Standard Chartered Marathon next? ;-)


Anonymous said...

I was there too! But didnt spot Momo's number. Hahahahah.....if only i could spot her.

Taoism said...

Wow? Momo finished the run in 23 minutes? That's an amazing time considering the race was not 5.6 as promoted but 6.1.

It is specially amazing that finishing the race in 23 minutes, she was still able to take such a steady picture.

Unknown said...

haha.. I shall let momo reply the above.