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Wednesday, April 01, 2009

City Daily Photo Theme Day Yellow

It's the first of the month again and many City Daily Photo community bloggers are participating in the Theme Day post. The theme is "Yellow" for April.

I think yellow is the theme colour for "Shell", the petrol/gas company. Most of their signs are in yellow.

Shell's Yellow Sign boards

With regards to saving money, why not take public transport if possible if you are in Singapore. 1 April is the day that public transport rates go further down.

To get more details about public transports in Singapore, visit:

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Sally said...

You have to admire cities like Singapore that have got their public transport act together. Sydney gets worse by the minute.
Sydney Daily Photo

Kate said...

Good public service message from Shell and for Theme Day!!

lavenderlady said...

I think you are right! I too like the message.

Jilly said...

A very good choice in these days of high petrol costs. Great too that bus prices will go down. In my area it costs 1 euro only to travel from one end of the department to another - great value and a great idea to help keep cars off the road.

Shantaram said...

Save those golden drops! Nice choice for theme day!

marley said...

I prefer your tip than Shells!

Happy theme day :)

Felicia said...

A good message! People will probably still drive more now that gas prices have gone down in the US and bus prices are going up (at least in my city).

Tash said...

I like the new twist to "Get the most out of every drop!" It's not just for wine any more :)
A fun reminder about the yellow shell - please visit this post of mine from last summer for a vintage Shell sign.
Luckily, our gas prices have dropped way down to $2.19 per gallon.