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Thursday, April 09, 2009

English Presbytery Easter Convention 2009

I was at a rehearsal for the Good Friday service for tomorrow. Here's the orchestra and the choir practising very hard for tomorrow's service.

Good Friday Service Rehearsal

Have you wondered what is Good Friday and Easter?
It will be a long story if I write them here.

But if you are reading this and can make it for the 10.30 am service at the Singapore Expo Hall 3 on Good Friday, come and join us and find out more.

Easter Convention

Easter Convention

This is a combined service of all the English speaking Presbyterian Churches in Singapore. But you read this too late and missed the Good Friday service, then visit the nearest church to where you live this coming Sunday.

If you are staying in Bukit Timah or the surrounding areas, I invite you to join me at Glory Presbyterian Church at Pei Wah Avenue. There are 3 services, the 7.30 am, 930 am and 11.30 am services. You are most welcome to join us for our Easter Services.

Come and find out what Easter means to Christians and what it can mean to you too.


Yan said...

Would not have missed it if I were there!

I am sure many have been blessed!

Blessed Easter.

Unknown said...

Blessed Easter Yan!

Anonymous said...

Can anyone share the Hymns played that day? Thanks. One of the hymn we sang speak to me. But i have no clue what hymn it was. If it is not too much trouble, would you pls upload the titles here. Thanks.

Unknown said...

Hi Anon

Drop me an email at keropokman @
I will send you the lyrics that you need.