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Friday, May 29, 2009

Pisang Goreng / Banana Fritters

A local favourite. I have not seen Pisang Tanduk for some time. (That's because I have not been eating these fritters ;-) )

Pisang Tanduk are these huge bananas that you see in the photo below. Twice or three times bigger than the usual bananas. These bananas look ripe now, just nice for frying!

Pisang Goreng

Any pisang goreng (or some call goreng pisang) fans out there?


Anonymous said...

i think pisang goreng or vice versa is confusing to ppl who didn't learn malay, the adjective is always behind the noun, so, Pisang Goreng is the proper and only correct way of putting it :) Nonetheless, the huge bananas displayed are interesting :)

Unknown said...


i remember being taught to say Pisang Goreng. But as usual, the majority says it wrongly and just gets stuck.