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Saturday, May 09, 2009

The U Turn Sign

One day, the contractors came, put up some barriers, had black paint covering some words on the road and a drew a big U-turn sign.

Suddenly all cars have to do a u-turn!


These few days, many things have made a u-turn. Some examples:
- The requirement to take daily temperature to record it down.
- Taking down of the Mas Selamat posters, now that he has been captured. (I saw a colleague's twit that says, grab those photos before they are all gone! lol)

What things do you wish that you can u-turn?


marley said...

They could have put a No Entry sign at the end of the road! I've never seen this before. Lol!

roentare said...

That is a weird looking road sign. The local council must have problems in themselves!

chillycraps said...

such a small space, how to u turn?

Unknown said...

Maybe after a while, they might do a u-turn to their decision to put a u-turn there. LOL

somehow pple would figure out. humans are adaptable. ;-)

Uma por Dia said...

I only can think about naughty things now! lol

Julie said...

Great eye to capture this photo today. I also liked the rest of your photos. I look forward to more great photos. I am glad you like the Gumby cactus photo on my site. I have not seen any flowers from it. I do not know if it will flower. Thanks for your comments on my site. I am sorry I got a bit behind in responding because of work demands. I hope to see light at the end of thetunnel soon. I am preparing a night scapes series this week on my site. I was able to fit in a full moon photography class last Friday night so I tried this weekend to practice what I learned. I hope you enjoy it.

B SQUARED said...

Doesn't look like a lot of room for a U-turn.

Unknown said...

haha.. you have been very naughty eh?

I know how it is. Work's always too much and waiting to be done, but never gets done. haha.

B Squared,
You need to do many many points turn in this space. LOL...