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Thursday, October 14, 2010

100 hours movie indulgence

I was at the Dhoby Ghaut train station today and saw these people staring at this big screen.
You can see it has been 24 hours, 24 minutes since it started.

100 Hours Movie Indulgence

I was curious and did an online search. These folks are taking part in a 100 hour movie marathon. It will end 11 pm on Sunday night. The list of movie they are watching can be found here.

Will you be able to stay awake for 100 hours? The most I have stayed awake is 48 hours and I could not take it anymore!


Claudia said...

I was there when it was at the 70+hr mark. Could see couple of the finalist shaking non-stop just to stay awake. Wonder how they can get home on their own after the 100th hour!

This and the Subaru challenge participants have got to be super hardcore!

Meg said...

100 hours is most probably a bit too long... Unless it's like 4 days with at least 8 hours sleeping break... And a lot of eye drops!

No, not me. I'm too old!!!

Unknown said...


70th hour. It's mad eh?
I must go google who won!

I think they are mad. For $10K, people will try it!