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Monday, October 25, 2010

Follow That Fire Engine!

Last Saturday, Momo noticed a fire engine behind our car on the road. She asked me look at the fire engine behind us! It looked different!

As a courteous driver, when you notice a fire engine behind you, you give way!  Momo quickly changed lane so that the fire engine can pass. (the real reason was so that we can take a photo of the fire engine! haha..)

The reason we wanted to take photos of the fire engine was because we noticed the license plate is not the usual Singapore license plate. Also, it was not the usual civil defence fire engines we see in Singapore!

We saw the license plate and noticed the stickers all over the truck and guessed it must could from the UK! Oh yes it was! This fire engine had traveled all the way from UK!

What was the UK fire engine doing in Singapore?
It was a real hazy day (as you can see from the photo below), we were wondering if they were here to prepare themselves to get ready to help Indonesia put off their forest fires! haha...

This grand dame can move really fast! So sorry for the a bit blur of the next photo.

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Leeds daily photo said...

I thought it was a UK fire engine , though maybe you were on holiday in UK. Well spotted, they are on a long journey, only pity is they are not coming my way. Would have loved to feature them on my Leeds daily photo. Paul

Unknown said...

It's so interesting eh? We get to see a fire engine from your country here! ;-)