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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The old style cloth coffee strainers.

I took this photo at around 3AM in a 24 hour coffee stall some weeks ago.
These coffee strainers were being hung out to be air dried.

cloth coffee strainers

They are used to make the traditional style coffee in Asia. Coffee powder is put in the strainer and hot water poured into the bags and strained a few times.

So different from say a Nespresso machine!

cloth coffee strainers

I think new bags are needed. These looks well used.
I wonder each time new bags are used, can the regular coffee drinkers taste a difference?

p/s they reminds me of dirty old socks! LOL...


Meg said...

Meaning, clean old sox can be used for this purpose? Shall I trying weaving one? That might be interesting - as an art concept, not really for coffee grinds...

chillycraps said...

lol, dirty old socks that chunk out fragrant coffee!

Sharifah said...

Love the first pic. I think The pink tiles add quite a brilliant contrast!