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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Be Positive

The Singapore Health Promotion Board had a "Be Positive" event recently.
It was health in conjunction with World Mental Health Day which was on 10-10-10.

I think it's a good day to choose 10-10-10.
Whether you are using the US or Singapore way of reading dates, you know which day it is. You won't 'go mental' trying to figure out what day it is. LOL

Big Jenga with positive words

I took this photo at Marina Square. It is a big jenga like display with lots of positive words on it.
Are you a positive person or are you always having negative thoughts?

I know some people do break down. There was an ex-colleague working in another department which we think has gone 'mental'. She talks to us about things that happened a few years ago as if it just happened a few days ago. I think she went to the doctors and is under medication.

If you think someone you know needs help, there are lots of Mental Health Services contacts in Singapore listed at

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