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Monday, October 04, 2010

Love Your Ride

"Love Your Ride", is a recent initiative to educate commuters in Singapore to be polite, gracious and considerate when they are taking public transport.

I think it's a good initiative. Anything to remind commuters in Singapore. Even if some people don't think it will work, I think they bring the message across. Let's hope one day those twirps who needs to get it in their head will get it.

Love Your Ride

In the train stations, and inside the train, they play the 'Train is Coming, Train is Coming, Please queue up" jingle. You can do a search on YouTube to view and listen to the jingle.

I think they should have a "Let people in, let people in, please move in" jingle for the buses!

Here's the youtube video of the whole campaign. Enjoy!

1 comment:

DK said...

It was a good initiative.... until they overplayed the jingle. Now I can't stand the sight of Dim Sum Dollies