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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Bus Ticket Machine... and lamenting about 'to be' transport price increase

If you take public transport in Singapore during peak hours, it is difficult to get up a bus or train.

Many people can't get up the bus for 2 reasons:
1) There are no more space in the bus because bus frequency isn't as frequent as they say it is, it is really full at the earlier stops.
2) People in the bus refuse to move to the rear of the bus where they are still standing space. I have no explanation for this. (I realise this is not unique to Singapore, I was in Spain, and people also don't move to the back!)

This morning, the bus I was on was very packed as usual. The bus driver yelled a few times for passengers to move inside, and after a few yells, people started moving in. I am so thankful for the bus drivers that yell. I managed to get up the bus because of the yelling.

I stood beside the ticket issuing machine when I got up. It was too packed to move in further. I have nothing to do so I flipped out my phone and took a photo of the ticket issuing machine. I think the colour's nice! The design's also nice ya! Practical too as it doesn't drop on the floor unlike the previous model.

Bus Ticket Machine

I read the news later in the day and realise that the two public transport companies are seeking to raise fare prices. I know for sure the folks who take public transport will get angry! Packed buses, buses that don't arrive on time. (ok, not all the time, but still not good enough since the last fare increase.....)

In a country that loves press releases, you know the words they are going to use to say they have 'no choice'. The same old excuse, escalating oil prices, productivity, cost pressures etc. The only word they did not use this time is "unprecedented"! 

Opening of new lines used up more electricity for the trains. Hmm. Didn't they report an increase in ridership? Doesn't that means they are collecting more fares? (Let's hope Minister Khaw will blog about this, he is not the minister in charge, but it seems his blog is powerful now and he is logical though not all the time)

When they say they are buying new buses, that I accept. The new buses are cleaner and more comfortable. But they seem to break down! I saw 2 new buses broke down in the last 2 weeks on my way home.

Anyway, you can tell the government your views. Go to they are asking members of the public to voice out.

If you like reading, may I suggest the annual reports for these two companies.

SMRT 2010 Annual Report
Revenue - $895.1m
PATMI - $162.9m

SBSTransit 2010 Annual Report
Revenue - $720.9m
Profit after Tax - $54.3m

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