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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

KTM Tracks.

It has been a 13 days since the KTM train tracks have closed / returned to Singapore.
Never have so many people got interested in something so 'old'. There is a sudden surge of people visiting the train tracks!

KTM Tracks

These tracks will be gone soon. Probably in less than a month, it will all be removed by Indeco Engineers (Pte) Ltd. They won the SGD 632,000.00 Gebiz Tender to remove and storage of railway including ancillary structures from Woodlands TP to Tanjong Pagar Railway Station.

This was taken yesterday morning. People are taking photos of the tracks. Others are just walking along the tracks.

KTM Tracks

The tracks seems to be rusting away barely 2 weeks of not being scrapped by the wheels of the heavy trains.

Crossing the bridge

I was on my way home last Saturday and saw that there are so many people on the railway bridge!
During the weekends, it's like a carnival on the tracks now!

Cars parking along the Bukit Timah Station

Oh yes, traffic jams too! The last time this road was so packed was son 30 June night! ;-)

1 comment:

Kate said...

I'm intrigued about the closing...what is the reason. The spectators seem to be so very interested and I wonder what is the big draw? You document it well, but I'm still a bit confused about the background.