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Monday, July 04, 2011

NUS Commencement and the Singapore President.

Today, it's the start of the Commencement Ceremonies for the NUS graduates again.

Probably the happiest time for students, where they finally get to put on their gown and receive their scroll on stage. Not everyone loves to receive that 'piece' of paper it seems, there are always people who will skip the ceremony. I always wondered why some would do that!

I have 2 degrees, one from Monash Uni down under, and a graduate degree from NUS. I don't have the brain capacity to study a PhD, and I think two is enough. Maybe one day when it becomes hip to wear the "strawberry shortcake shape" bonnet,  I will reconsider.

Do you know not every university has a mortar board for the Academic Dress? It so happens that both universities that I got my degree have mortarboards for graduates! I remember friends who went to University of Melbourne complaining, they don't get to wear it! LOL

NUS Commencement

On the first day of the Commencement ceremony in NUS, the NUS Chancellor which also happens to be the President of Singapore, His Excellency Mr S R Nathan gives out the scrolls to the graduates.

Since HE Mr S R Nathan would not be seeking re-election, this would be his last time giving out the scrolls. Now we are all wondering, who will be the next NUS Chancellor. Historically, the Chancellor has always been the President of Singapore. We are all guessing, but one thing for sure, the family name of the President will be 'Tan'! 

Congrats to the class of 2011!
You like many of us will start receiving letters every year to contribute back to NUS! (in monetary form haha)