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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Last train out of Singapore.

I was on the last train into Singapore tonight and when we arrived, we realised they were preparing for the same train to leave Singapore.

We saw a huge mob of people coming towards all the passengers who just got off the train. We knew why later. The Sultan of Johor, Sultan Ibrahim Ismail was the VIP in our midst. He was to drive the last train out of Singapore at 11 PM.

Sultan of Johor drives the last train out of Tanjong Pagar

The Sultan earlier passed right in front of me and shoke the hands of the person beside me!
He then signed the t-shirt in front of us.

Last train out of Singapore

We left Tanjong Pagar KTM Station and rushed to the Bukit Timah Station on the way home after a long day.  We made it just in time and caught the train driven by the Sultan of Johor. Can you spot him?

There was a huge crowd waving good bye at the Bukit Timah Station!

At the stroke of midnight, Tanjong Pagar Station and Bukit Timah Station will be returned to Singapore.

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Jacob said...

I live in Canada now, but I am a Singaporean who grew up in Singapore travelling with my parents 4 times a year to visit my Grandparents in Malaysia. We always took the KTM train from Tanjong Pagar. Those are happy memories of the times I spent with my parents growing up. Now that my parents are deceased, these memories I will always cherish. Goodbye Tanjong Pagar and thank you for all the happy times with my parents that you gave me.