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Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Monk's Hill Terrace Black and White

There are buildings around Singapore that are known as 'Black and White'.

They are usually the colonial houses and it seems they are always painted black and white!
I wonder what were their original colour when they were built long ago.

Monk's Hill Terrace Black and White

This row of Black and White colonial terrace houses is situated along Monk's Hill Terrace.
It's just beside one of Singapore's most famous food centre, Newton Circus.

Newton Circus was old and dilapidated and a few years ago, they decide to renovate it.
Do you know the new design is supposedly based on the design of these terrace houses?

Who lives here?
I am not sure, but I think they are mostly businesses that are renting these properties.


Anonymous said...

No, they are privately rented through Premas. They are not allowed to be sub-let, or used as a business, although numerous are (catering, wine companies, etc) and much to the disadvantage of others, Premas turn a blind eye. About time they did something about it and let those who need to move out move out, making it available to others.

Unknown said...

Hi Anon

I see. Every time I pass it I wonder.. It would be nice and cosy inside.

Thanks for the info!


People who stays here, I wonder if they every need to cook! hehe...