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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Smith Street Night Makan

Wow! The word I said when I saw the tables all lined up and getting ready for business few hours later.
The tables were lined up so straight!

Smith Street Night Makan

This is Smith Street in Singapore Chinatown. It is also known as the Chinatown Food Street.

It's kind of a touristy place to eat.  I only come here when friends or relatives visit!

Looking again at how straight the tables were arranged, do you think the person who arranged it had some obsessive compulsive behaviour? I really want to know how they do it!


Lucas Kain said...

Wow, did they specifically measure the distance? It's either that they didn't have anything better to do, or the service is outstanding! Thank you for posting.

International call

DK said...

Wow, nice photo